4 thoughts on “Poodle installed – top 10 feet

  1. Don’t get me started on that poodle…
    I already hated it fiercely, and now knowing that it cost us taxpayers almost $100K, I wish they would take it back and use the money for greater purpose – to express my revolt VERY mildly!

    It has no relevance to Main Street culture. The HUGE black pole it sits on is a visual abomination. And if that fiberglass replica of a cheap porcelain doll of a poodle is the pinnacle example of the artist’s work to be displayed for all of Vancouver to see, I’d be ashamed of myself.

    “The fact it stirs debate does not mean it’s good art.”

    I agree 100%.
    In a time where everything and everyone is calling for austerity and cost-cutting, Translink fares being jacked-up and the city shutting-down local art spaces… paying ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for that FARCE is an insult on our intelligence and hard work as tax-paying citizens.
    VERY FEW Vancouverites can boast they’ve received THAT amount of money for a fiberglass dog they’ve sold to any idiot buyer.

    Gosh! Politicians can be STUPID! >:-(


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