ARTIST CALL! Aboriginal Carver in Residence Program: Honoring the Year of Reconciliation


Call for applications for Aboriginal Carver in Residence Program
Located at Britannia Community Centre

Anticipated Start and End dates:
Monday, September 16, 2013 – Monday, December 16, 2013

Total Fee paid to Artist: $2000
Deadline for Proposals: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 5:00pm

The City has proclaimed June 21, 2013 to June 20, 2014 as a Year of Reconciliation in Vancouver. As part of this city-wide initiative, Reconciliation is the theme for the 2013 Carving Residency located at Britannia Community Services Centre.

To promote reconciliation by engaging Canadians in dialogue that revitalizes the relationships between Aboriginal peoples and all Canadians in order to build resilience.
– From the Reconciliation website.

The artist will work in the Grandview-Woodlands Community to create an inclusive space for people of all walks and abilities to come together. The goal is to bring Aboriginal Carvers, school teachers, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth and community together to create better understanding of Aboriginal carving practices, traditions, history and culture as a living force within today’s community. Reconciliation is offered as a broad theme with the intent that the work will relate to healing, resilience, and inter-cultural dialogue. Reconciliation can also be present through involving diverse members of the community in the teaching process, and by sharing stories and carving techniques.


Residency Characteristics:

Please note: residency is open to any type of carving project, large or small, with the understanding of the time restraints of September – December. The Arts Programmer will work with the artist to source materials if needed. Carver must have own tools. Secure storage will be provided on site.

This residency includes free work-studio space. The carving space will be available to you for your own studio use during certain work hours (ie 8am-8pm) 7 days a week. The Arts Programmer will work with the Arts Culture and Environment Department, Vancouver Park Board on creating community celebrations to exhibit and promote the artist’s work and practice city-wide.


Request for community involvement:

(Estimated # of hours requested for community engaged work: 3 hours per week x 14 weeks = approx. 42 hours)

• Open studio observation time at least once per week a 1-2 hour block of time that community members can come and watch the carver working and answer questions or explain carving processes

• To provide leadership to the school and youth by doing one presentation a month to classes (this means 4 school related presentations September, October, November, December)

• Actively use the carving studio at least 3 days a week

• Work with the Arts Programmer to inform and include the community partners (VSB, VPL and BCSCS) on site in any public events

• Be open to working with locally sourced wood from fallen trees or tree stumps


How to apply:

Please email the following items to and put Aboriginal Carver in Residence: Britannia –Application in the subject line.

Please Include:

  1. Current CV that demonstrates experience in your carving practice, as well as community engagement methods. Word or PDF documents will be accepted. Please include contact information.
  2. Please also send an outline of the carving project you will work on, as well as ways you’d like to engage community, keeping in mind this means children-seniors.
  3. If available, a blog or website that displays your work
  4. References of previous organizations or people with whom you have worked

Only those applicants shortlisted will be notified. We thank all applicants for their interest.


This project is supported by the Arts Culture and Environment Department of the Vancouver Park Board. It is a partnership project between Britannia Community Services Centre, Vancouver School Board, and the Vancouver Park Board.

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