HOME AND AWAY : Artist Meet & Greet at #HastingsSportsDay July 18th, 2015 (FREE)

“Home and Away” A concept image for an artwork in Hastings Park by Lead Pencil Studio

HOME AND AWAY: A public artwork for Empire Fields and Plateau Park

How is it that art and sports come together? In the case of “Home and Away” by Lead Pencil Studio the answer is obvious. One takes a playful public artwork that includes seating for over 200 people with a fun-filled slide exit and waits for the crowds to arrive. While it won’t be installed until 2016, you are invited to learn more about the work at #HastingsSportsDay on Saturday, July 18 from 10am- 5pm!

The all-ages sports day celebrating the opening of Empire Fields and Plateau Sports Park will allow you to meet the artists and the Public Art Program team, and view models of “Home and Away” and the newly refurbished Hastings Park. There will be food trucks, free on-site activities by cultural partners and more.


Saturday, July 18, 10am – 5pm

Empire Fields and Plateau Park, Hastings Park/PNE

Learn more about the public artwork: Vancouver.ca/home-and-away

For more information: 604.331.3603 or PublicArt@vancouver.ca

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