Coastal City: New video by Jason Nielsen on city screens and photos by Jayce Salloum in transit shelters in July

VANCOUVER, BC – The City of Vancouver Public Art Program is pleased to present two new artist commissions for the Coastal City series of temporary video and print works. The artworks launch the week of July 11 and run through August 7. The Coastal City series began on May and includes 15 new art commissions appearing monthly through October 2016.

To view documentation of the Coastal City series, visit the City’s website at:

City of Vancouver Public Art Program | Platforms: Coastal City Series | The Place Between Us, 2016 by Jason Nielsen | Still Frame from Video | Playing on urban screens in downtown Vancouver, BC

City of Vancouver Public Art Program | Platforms: Coastal City Series | The Place Between Us, 2016 by Jason Nielsen | Still Frame from Video | Playing on urban screens in downtown Vancouver, BC

ARTIST: Jason Nielsen, Vancouver, British Columbia

ARTWORK TITLE: The Place Between Us

PLATFORM: Downtown video screens. Thanks to our screening partners: CoreVision (Granville and Robson Screen), CBC, Telus Gardens, Terry Fox Plaza, VanCity Theatre and Pacific Cinematheque.

PROJECT SYNOPSIS: According to a recent study, Vancouverites suffer from a high level of social isolation, contributed to by the rainy weather as well as economic shifts, immigration, and other social factors. Artist Jason Nielsen experienced this as a newcomer to the city. His two video compositions are meditations on isolation and coming together, using slow motion and mirroring techniques. The dreamlike images play in contrast to the busy context of advertising on the video screens.

Jason Nielsen - Head shot Image 1

BIO: Jason Nielsen is an award-winning filmmaker whose short films have been screened at festivals around the world. His work couples heightened visual realism with emotional themes, resulting in meditative reflections on self and society. Nielsen’s work is in the collection of the National Library and Archives of Canada and The Douglas Archer Library at the University of Regina. He studied film production at The University of Regina and photography at Langara College in Vancouver. [Portrait of the artist Jason Nielson. Photo courtesy of the artist]

Image 16 of 20 by Jayce Salloum for the Platforms: Coastal City series

City of Vancouver Public Art Program | Platforms: Coastal City Series | One in a series of 20 works by Jayce Salloum | Showing in transit shelters throughout Vancouver, BC July 11 – August 7, 2016

ARTIST: Jayce Salloum, Vancouver, British Columbia 

ARTWORK TITLE: locations/dis-locations (20 images)

PLATFORM: Transit shelters around the city

PROJECT SYNOPSIS: Jayce Salloum’s transit shelter posters focus on multiple images that are part of an ongoing project called locations/dis-locations. These photographs of quotidian spaces consider Vancouver as a coastal city in relationship to other cities and Vancouver’s specific history in relation to a regional, national, and global context.The images reflect on location, the image in relation to the site of placement. Through this contrast, they provoke, engage and express this time and place.

Jayce Salloum - Image - Artist Portrait - Photo Credit Khadim Ali

BIO: Jayce Salloum’s practice aligns itself with social, personal, and political struggles through an intimate subjectivity and discursive challenge. He works in installation, photography, drawing, performance, text and video, as well as curating exhibitions, conducting workshops, and coordinating projects. Salloum has exhibited at the Musée du Louvre, Paris; the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the National Gallery of Canada; the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Rotterdam International Film Festival, among others. He is a recipient of the 2014 Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts. [Portrait of the artist Jayce Salloum. Photo: Khadim Ali]

TRANSIT SHELTER LOCATIONS (updated July 25, 2016)

  1.   49th 23m E/O Nanaimo SS (16/07/12 – 16/07/21)
  2.   W. 49th 27m W/O Montgomery NS (16/07/12 – 16/07/21)
  3.   W. 41st 28m W/O Carnarvon NS (16/07/12 – 16/07/21)
  4.   W. 41st 11m W/O Dunbar SS (16/07/12 – 16/07/21)
  5.   W. 10th 30m E/O Sasamat SS (16/07/12 – 16/07/21)
  6.   West Blvd 20m N/O W. 46th (16/07/12 – 16/07/21)
  7.   SE Marine 18m W/O Jellicoe NS (16/07/12 – 16/07/21)
  8.   Main 28m N/O E. 41st ES (16/07/13 – 16/07/21)
  9.   Kingsway 33m E/O Earles SS (16/07/12 – 16/07/21
  10.   E. Broadway 20m E/O Lillooet SS (16/07/11 – 16/07/21)
  11.   E. Broadway 52m E/O Penticton SS (16/07/11 – 16/07/21)
  12.   Commercial 20m N/O Venables ES (16/07/12 – 16/07/21)
  13.   Main St 24M S/O E 18th WS (16/07/13 – 16/07/21)
  14.   MacDonald 18m N/O W. Broadway WS (16/07/13 – 16/07/21)
  15.   Cornwall 46m W/O Balsam NS (16/07/13 – 16/07/21)
  16.   W. Broadway 19m E/O Trafalgar SS (16/07/13 16/07/21)
  17.   Robson 28m W/O Hamilton NS (16/07/11 – 16/07/21)
  18.   Granville 32.5M N/O Robson WS (16/07/11 – 16/07/21)
  19.   W. Georgia 12.5M E/O Denman SS (16/07/19 – 16/07/21)
  20.   W. Georgia 12.5M E/O Denman SS (16/07/12 – 16/07/19)
  21.   Cambie 22M S/O Robson WS (16/07/12 – 16/07/21)

Works by Elisa Yon/Amanda Arcuri and Deanne Achong continue on view at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza and the Canada Line City Centre station, respectively. Thanks to our partners Vancouver Civic Theatres and InTransit BC.


The fifteen new works that have been commissioned for the Coastal City series, are an opportunity for artists to explore the border between land and sea, the designation of boundaries and life in a region near the shore, the changing land and ocean-scape, the influx of people and goods, the unique ecosystems, challenges and opportunities – the circumstances that make coastal cities such as Vancouver unique.


The artworks are a diverse mix of unique artistic approaches ranging from digital and painterly abstraction to documentation of urban faces and spaces; from highlighting lifestyle choices to social alienation; and from specific histories to imaginative interventions. All are rooted in this place.

Other artists to look forward to in the series are: Krista Schoening and Coley Mixan (Seattle), Kyla Mallett, Castle/Ingram/Grünenfelder, Emilie Crewe, Lisa g. Nielsen, Curtis Grahauer, and Ben Bogart.

Works by Nicolas Sassoon, Paul de Guzman, Ryan Peter and Laiwan have shown previously and are available at

These public projects are opportunities for residents and visitors to discover unique images and perspectives on urban life from members of Vancouver’s vibrant creative community. The Coastal City artworks were proposed by artists in response to an open call.

The City’s Public Art Program is marking its 25th anniversary in 2016. The Public Art Program has facilitated over a hundred projects in twenty-five years, spanning large-scale permanent installations, design-team collaborations and artist-initiated artworks. For more information visit:

Media inquiries and images:
Public Art Program
604 873 7947

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