25in25: A Public Art Retrospective – Solo by Natalie McHaffie


Natalie McHaffie’s Solo, located in Devonian Harbour Park (Denman and Georgia streets), is an abstract sculpture of stainless steel and carved cedar planks or ‘wings’ that fan out in a spiral. McHaffie says the artwork means to show movement, but not flight. Installed in 1986, Solo was one of ten pieces in the City Shapes sculpture symposium commemorating the City’s centennial year.

Now, thirty years later, the Public Art Program, working with the artist, has commissioned the restoration of Solo.  With a growing collection of artworks in the city, restoration and maintenance are an important part of what the program does. The following short time-lapse video shows the Solo restoration in progress.

Restoration work: Site Art Services

Video: Ian Barbour

Soundtrack: Children’s Corner, L. 113 – III. Serenade of the doll by Claude Debussy performed by Gerluz (http://chickenhouserecords.com/gerluz/gerluz.php).

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0

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Natalie McHaffie was born in Deep River, Ontario, in 1946 and grew up in Toronto. She is a licensed pilot who flies stunt planes for a hobby and has been actively involved in the Toronto Aerospace Museum. In 1999 she wrote and illustrated a children’s book titled, C-Growl:The Daring Little Airplane. She is an artist/instructor with the Inner City Angels, a non-profit group in Toronto that brings artists and children together.

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The City of Vancouver’s Public Art Program celebrates 25 years of creating extraordinary artworks for public spaces. Every two weeks during 2016 we’ll share the story of a unique artwork created through the program. Over 260 pieces have been commissioned since 1991 through civic initiatives, community grants or private sector rezoning requirements. These are only a few of the key pieces that have helped to define Vancouver as a unique place and a world-class city for public art!

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