Public Art Talk With Artist Vanessa Kwan

Ron’s Monstera, 11th and Main, by Vanessa Kwan

The City of Vancouver Public Art Program invites you to a talk and reception with artist Vanessa Kwan.

Vancouver-based artist Vanessa Kwan is interested in doing a public art project for Sahali Park at Fraser Street and 8th Avenue. She would like to meet people in the neighbourhood to talk about ideas and her previous projects.

Kwan is interested in common overgrown houseplants and what they represent in our lives. Referencing our desire for domesticated plants and issues of sustainability in an increasingly inhospitable urban landscape, houseplants reflect our own struggles to survive in the city.

Come meet the artist and find out how to get involved in the project!


Vanessa Kwan is an artist and curator with a focus on collaborative, site-specific and community-engaged practices. Among other things, her artworks have included a geyser (Geyser for Hillcrest Park with Erica Stocking), a garden best viewed by moonlight, and a series of events for sad people. She is curator at grunt gallery, a member of Other Sights for Artists’ Projects, and a founding member of the arts collective Norma who were honoured with a Mayor’s Arts Award for public art in 2012.


This project “Houseplanters” is commissioned by the City of Vancouver Public Art Program as part of the 2017 open call to artists to propose new works for the city that contemplate its defining features, spaces and neighbourhoods.


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