“Platforms: We Are Here, Live” Goes Live

“Platforms: We Are Here, Live” brings 23 new temporary public art works to Vancouver streets

Throughout November, residents and visitors in Vancouver can view the first of 23 new public art installations presented on seven platforms across Vancouver, including banners at Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch and the glass wall at City Centre Canada Line Station. The pieces were commissioned as part of the City of Vancouver’s public art program “Platforms: We Are Here, Live.”

This month we’re proud to present pieces by Tafui, Romane Bladou, Dona Nabata and Scott Billings.

The innovative public art initiative will run until November 2022, with new artworks rolling out each month. Depending on the platform a piece is presented on, it will remain up for one month to a year. The commissioned works present strong ideas that reflect the complexities of the pandemic and encourage critical dialogue and engagement. Visit our website to learn more: https://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/platforms-public-works.aspx.

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