Welcome to the land of light: Henry Tsang

Written by: Diego Rodriquez and Sophie Bégin

Spose maika tumtum chako hahakl maika iskum chee kumtux.

These are words which were once used over 200 years ago and by Vancouver residents. The origin of the language is to me, one of two  interesting parts of Henry Tsang’s piece ‘Welcome to the land of light’.

Used to facilitate communication between multiple indigenous cultures, the Chinook Jargon was used in the 19th century in Oregon, British Columbia and Alaska.  It was made up of various spoken languages used by inhabitants of the region (today’s False Creek) and eventually evolved to incorporating French, English and Asian words.  Putting the history into perspective, I’m forced to imagine Vancouver as it once was. No buildings, no roads, no electricity, no written municipality. I imagine co-existence, which incorporates the exchange of traditions and values. It’s a narrative that is scarcely known, but I can’t help but look to it for comfort.  It’s a pleasant history.

Tsang re-introduces us to this history by juxtaposing text from the Chinook Jargon and placing it along its English translation.  The words read like a poem: Greetings good you arrive here where the light be under land future it be now here you begin live like new come to time where people talk different but good together if you heart mind open you receive new knowledge you have same electric eye and heart mind and talk sound you live fast like light see talk be here there and everywhere one time us make this community good indeed you not afraid here here you begin live like chief world same like in you hand.

The juxtaposing and choice of words become a second element to appreciate.  Using a language of the past, the text draws us in to the future and sets our mind on community.  One where many people will inhabit over the years. Politically, the piece reminds us of a functional co-existence which we can go to for guidance.  A mastery of bridging the past, present and future.

A link to the this piece on the registry as well as Henry Tsang’s website:

Welcome to the land of light


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the land of light: Henry Tsang

  1. Oh, I really like this one! An intricate mixture of language, culture and history. A poetic art piece that reads along a harbour… I love the idea.


  2. Diego and Sophie,

    Thank you for the article! I was looking for the poem, that I read while exploring Vancouver.

    I fell in love with the city; specially because of the experiences I had while there. This poem opened my eyes to deeper concepts about the world, the city, and it’s people.

    Vancouver is full of the light of its people and its nature, I hope everyone sees that when they open their “heart mind” to it.

    Thanks again!


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