Announcing Carmen Papalia, Mobility Device, October 3

Sept 29

Photo by Jennifer Echols.

Join artist Carmen Papalia and the Carnival Band for a live performance of Mobility Device on Sunday, October 3 at 4:30pm, starting at Hadden Park Fieldhouse and finishing at the Kitsilano Showboat Stage.

Mobility Device is a collaborative performance where Carmen Papalia replaces his detection cane with a marching band that serves as his navigation system during an improvised walk in a public space. The performance proposes the possibility of user-defined, creative systems of access, where the care recipient maintains their agency and decision-making power in an ongoing negotiation with the people they trust. For Papalia, performances of Mobility Device are a non-institutionalizing temporary solution for the white cane, a symbol that the artist says carries the barrier and biases of the medical model of disability.

Mobility Device is presented by Other Sights for Artists’ Projects and funded by a City of Vancouver Untitled: Public Art Grant.

Image description: Carmen Papalia is seen from above, wearing a white hat and a dark, short-sleeved, collared shirt. He is holding a black, folded-up cane. In the lower foreground, a camera and a boom microphone are pointing toward Papalia. Behind him the lower half of a saxophonist and a second musician are visible, walking past.

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